Single Family Homes and Condos in town
Single Family Homes on 3-10 acres
Large Lot Residential Estates (with outbuildings)
Certificate of Satisfactory Completion
Relocation & Marketing Position Appraisal
Land, Single Lot
New Construction (residential)
Recertification of Value & Updates
2-4 Family Rental Units
Drive-by Appraisals
Drive-by Appraisal (with interior inspection)
Inspection and Certicate of Completion
Small Income Commercial Properties
Narrative, Industrial, Office, Commercial, Subdivision,and Development Appraisals
Market & Feasibility Studies
Residential Field Reviews*
Residential Desk Reviews*
Commercial Field Reviews*
Commercial Desk Reviews*
General Consulting
*Appraisal review prices are minimums, and do not include an opinion of value. The price for this additional service will vary considerably, depending of the quality of the report being reviewed and the additional research necessary to render such an opinion.

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